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  • The Range Ramp

    "The Golf Brush you didn't know you needed"

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    • The Range Ramp

      "The golf brush you didn't know you needed"

    The Range Ramp

    The Gruve Shoppe presents The Range Ramp, a revolutionary re-design of the traditional golf iron brush.

    The Range Ramp allows the golfer the ability to efficiently and effectively clean the iron face between each shot on the driving range or the chipping green area. This provides the golfer the freedom to clean their club face between each shot without having to walk to their bag to use their traditional golf brush or towel. Most golfers simply use their shoe to crudely wipe away dirt and debris from the club face. The Range Ramp replicates that movement while actually cleaning the club’s grooves.

    On The Range

    Use The Range Ramp between shots to practice on the range with clean grooves for a more accurate and consistent practice session. All golfers want consistency; and by using The Range Ramp between each shot, the golfer can be confident that they have eliminated the variable dirt and debris.

    On The Course

    The Range Ramp comes provided with a carabiner to allow for use on the course much like a traditional golf brush. Simply clip The Range Ramp by hand during play like any other brush.

    On The Chipping Green

    Use the Range Ramp to clean your wedge face between each chip to see how your favorite ball spins and checks on the greens with a clean club face, it will lead to more confident chips during play.

    On the Golf Bag

    The Range Ramp has an easy grip design with finger grooves for use while on the bag during or round or whenever to clean the clubface.

    Launch Monitors

    The Range Ramp is a must for launch monitor use outdoors to quickly and easily clean the clubface before shots.


    The Range Ramp provides a large area to display your company logo or local school logo on golf bags and driving ranges to show your support or advertise!