The Range Ramp

The golf brush you didn't know you needed!

Most golfers on the driving range or around the chipping green use their golf shoe between each shot to crudely wipe dirt and debris from the club face. Using a golf shoe barely wipes dirt from the club face, and NEVER cleans the dirt and debris from below the groove edge. With each driving range shot dirt and debris get packed into the grooves of irons and wedges. Dirt packed grooves lead to inconsistent spin and launch conditions and club wear. The Range Ramp is the golf brush with the patent pending design that solves this problem, improving practice results!

Great For:


On The Bag

Driving Range

Chipping Green

Launch Monitors*

        When using a launch monitor outside on grass the golfer should hit each shot with clean grooves so that they are getting the most consistent launch and spin conditions on each shot. Launch monitor data will be more consistent by reducing variables (such as dirty grooves). The Range Ramp is great for launch monitors so the golfer can clean the club face quickly and easily between each shot improving consistency and performance and providing the most accurate data.