About Us

“The Gruve Shoppe” was originally just a phrase between buddies used to describe our respective garages where we re-gripped clubs, applied lead tape, and generally just tinkered with our golf equipment. 
After awhile “The Gruve Shoppe” came to be the place where the two of us, being self-diagnosed golf addicts, explored the various golf related ideas that we had over the years. 

Although most of those ideas were never more than a discussion, we had become focused on the problem of dirt packed grooves after every shot on the driving range and after awhile the Range Ramp design was born. The process of getting our idea from a chalkboard to a patent-pending finished product that is proudly made in America was definitely a learning experience for two guys originally from NW Oklahoma.

The Logo

The UV logo is intended to pay homage to the two types of golf grooves most of us have used throughout our careers. We think all grooves deserve to be clean whether they are non-conforming U grooves or todays accepted V grooves.